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2021 ?
Hi AAPY, we have been waiting so long so far there’s no updates? when will Midam and his group debut?
♡브이 라이브 방송 한번 부탁 드려도 될까요?♡ 팬들과의 소통을 위해서 부탁드릴께요~~^^
Hi dear AAPY, Thank you for releasing Midam & Myonghoon’s first single ... Hello Christmas is such a beautiful song... However I truly hope there won’t be any auction or bidding on idol’s items during fan meeting events or other occasions. For me it’s just not right, because most of them are just students.. if their parents or even medias got to know about this, it could be an issue.. it’s like taking advantage of fans’s kindness.. what more on the first meeting in Korea? Kindly please avoid this.. Thank you
♡천사 같은 미담이~♡ 언제나 응원할께요~^^
노래 진짜 왜이리 좋나요 감동ㅜㅜ 좋은곡 불러줘서 고마워요~♡♡♡ 사랑해요^^
노래 너무 좋지 않나요 ㅠㅜ
Hello christmas 음원 몇시에 뜨나요? 공지 부탁 드립니다^^
Guys I finakky finished school's first semester~~ Im so happy ^^ Now I'll wait for Myunhoon and Midam's song!!
Can we bring gifts to the fan meeting?
♡12월23일 진짜 기다려집니다♡ 이렇게 무언가를 기다려 본적이 없을만큼 너무 기다려지고 기뻐요~ 명훈 미담 화이팅!!! 현수도 화이팅!!!
Midam is cute but his hair is not. 😔 Aap.y please change it please.
팬미팅 소식과 미담x명훈 콜라보 소식으로 오랫만에 활발한 업데이트가 이루어지고 있군요~ 다들 팬미팅 많이 와주실거죠? 아직 구입 못하신 분들은 아래 링크로!! ⏬⏬⏬ http://mticket.hanatour.com/Pages/Perf/Detail/Detail.aspx?idperf=37573
이거 혹시 데뷔 사진...??
오랫만에 들어와봤어요~~